Professional Training Seminar

Makeup artists approach me frequently asking how to get started in the field of professional makeup. They want the insider’s tips, tricks of the trade, and all the info necessary to be successful in this competitive freelance world. Out of this special interest emerged an idea: start a series of seminars that will answer all these questions and demonstrate the highest quality of technique and skill. To create a hands on environment where artists can learn techniques and develop their own artistic style that will translate into marketable skills necessary to actually make a living in this industry. So please join me in this three session seminar to enhance your talent and build your knowledge base.

Rachel Reiman

Session 01 : The Essentials

The first session will be a full day of the basics. We will hone in on skills such as: creating fresh, realistic, flawless looking skin, brow shaping, highlighting, contouring, color theory, and individual lashes application, as well as assistance building one’s makeup kit. Upon completion each artist will have a strong comfort level with applying makeup for a client’s wedding, event or headshot.

Session 02 : Hair and Styling Techniques

Session 2 will be a full day of basic hair styling techniques taught by a very experienced hairstylist Ashley Condron, formerly of Trio Salon. She will be guiding you through how to style all different types, textures and lengths of hair. You’ll learn how to use all types of tools, brushes, products and tricks of the trade. She will go over basic bridal updos, as well as blow outs, curls, waves, flat ironing, etc. All that an artist need to know for shoots, runway and wedding hairstyles.

Session one and two will each be one full day, approximately 6 hours. These sessions will also have an optional second day of guided and observed practice workshops.

Session 03 : Dissecting the Industry

The second session will build upon the first and explore the necessities when doing makeup for photography, television or runway. Each artist will be given the knowledge needed to work with a stylist, art director, model and photographer, all the while learning the best business practices of the make up industry. Etiquette, building and maintaining clients, how to duplicate a tear sheet, and other relevant topics will be discussed.

Each student will be evaluated at the end of each session and can book private sessions with Rachel to work on specific areas of challenge. Upon completion of these seminars and based on their skill level, the attendees will be eligible to obtain business referrals from Rachel’s contacts in the bridal and photography business.