Makeup Classes are for anyone who loves makeup and needs to learn the tricks of the trade. I will help you simplify and edit your own makeup as well as suggestions and additions to what you already have to help you get “that look”! I can suggest colors, products and brushes to make your life so much easier. We’ll start with “daytime basics”- how to look great spending 10 min. or less on your makeup. You’ll also learn how to create an evening look. Classes can be customized to trends for the season, daytime essentials, and evening looks. They range in size up to 10 people and can be a great thing to do with coworkers, family, or friends. You’ll leave with the knowledge you need to simply and perfect your makeup routine.

Types of Classes:

THE BASICS- 2 hours, I come to you and we go over basic makeup techniques, brow shaping, and tools and brushes. This class is more casual and great for parties, showers, etc. This class has to be a minimum of 5 people but can go up to 10 people. For this I can come to you and you arrange the group of people.

INTENSIVE- 2-3 hours, either I come to you or we conduct at my studio space (food and beverages included). This gets into a more hands on approach with more practice. We do a lot of what we do in the basic class but much more intensive and a personalized face chart is made for each attendee with instructions and a picture of what we did. This class is more of an investment but you’ll walk away with a more comprehensive knowledge of makeup artistry. This class can range in size from 3-5 people.

HAIR AND MAKEUP INTENSIVE- This is a true investment in your image and appearance. This four hour class will consist of makeup techniques taught by myself, including color choices, becoming an educated consumer at the makeup counter, as what tools to invest in. This class will also include hair styling techniques taught by two Vidal Sassoon trained master stylists. They will also go over what kinds of tools and products to use and why. This class is held downtown in their salon space. There is a lot of hands-on instruction in this course. You will leave this class feeling very educated and knowledgeable about how to achieve the look you receive after just having left the salon. This is helpful when you can’t make it into the salon when traveling or when you have an event, interview, meeting etc.

INDUSTRY SEMINAR- this is a three part seminar series for people are looking to get into the field of makeup artistry as a career or as a supplement to their current skills. Read more about this on the “Seminar” page on my site.

Please call me at 312-961-0577 or email me at if you would like to book any of the three.